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17 February 2010 @ 05:55 am
Whoa, it's 5.33am in the morning... and i can't sleep (;_;)
my sleeping schedule really is messed up i think

so, days after Ginjinka Oukoku 3 event
that was fast... i remember signing onto this after i see there's German*Italy only last November
the main event really went in a blast... so many ppl coming
and there's streak of table with heart pinkish banner given by the only event organizer *so much lo~ve!!*
i then got to met ppl i know on Twitter, got some chocolates too
uh uhmm i bought lots of book too hehehe

early-spring harvestCollapse )
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04 November 2009 @ 05:42 pm
zmog... em friend told me today via mail...
our lil circle passed winter comicket selection


i wish i can quit job and focus on books *get shot*

in the ever growing GermanyxN.Italy cirlce...
we though we might not make it... what a surprise hehe
06 September 2009 @ 11:01 pm
sunday nite!!! tomorrow will be working day again
before i start working, i nv felt saturday and sunday is such a precious day @_@'
i keep thinking bout how to use this weekdays without doing some stupid stuff lolz

1.i use my first weekdays on buying stuff for work, like clothing etc~ need lotsa normal clothing other than my ribbon one piece *cough*

2.even after visiting lotsa stationary store this weekend i still can't find any good name card case... maybe in the end i'll just order some stuff from Shinzi Katoh again
i found some cute one on animate though, but it's too flashy with the chara's and all... so i decided not to buy any *though one of my friend suggest me buying card case with Basara's Masamune in it since my company's name is Masamune too orz*

3.so, there's only 6 ppl in my working place, 2 girls Mid included... then last week i found out that the other girl, my senpai is a fujoshi too *faint* we talk bout some fandom on lunch time, and even decided to tell each other Pixiv's add through company mail *died* i'm grateful to hav such a cute and nice senpai hehehe~ and her name is the same with one of best japanese friend while i was in school~ nante guuzen da ufufufu

4.oh, and my boss play FF Dissidia too, he asked me to bring mine and hav a duel with his Tidus *hav i ever told anyone that Tidus is my worst enemy!?* so i Ok-ed and now training my Butz to match his Tidus when the time to duel comes XDDDD

5.jeez, i miss lotsa stuff during this last 2 weeks, i chech tokyotosho, gendou and Hetalia comm last night, and spent hours to catch up... just finised d/l Prussia's cd... gtg listen to it tonight, and then i managed to d/l latest series of Hanafurirou drama cd T_T why there's Nakamura Yuuichi inside, how am i going to listen then... anyway, d/l-ed~ maybe i can adjust myself since i'm not really into Yuukyan atm huhunnnn

6.met old friend from design school while looking for card case this afternoon, and exchange our name card~ i'm shocked to kno that now this cute friend is working as a cosplayer model while doing the design for the cosplay company *shock* her name card is herself in Nagato's outfit plus Haruhiish layout *shockx2* i though she work for TBS last time... anyway, nice to meet old friend hehen~

gah~ gtg to sleep.. zzz
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